Mitsubishi MH2850U SXGA+ LCD Projector

Compare the MH2850U SXGA+ LCD projector to other SXGA+ projectors and you’ll quickly see that Mitsubishi has again jumped ahead in the latest technology and portable projector design. Super extended Graphics Array (SXGA+) bumps your images up to a high resolution 1400x1050 format to meet the needs of higher resolution for PC computers. The MH2850 is also engineered to use various optional lenses to suit any type of application. With its accurate reproduction of images produced by DICOM PC monitors, the MH2850U is the perfect projector to use for medical training, pre-operation meetings and conferences. This model integrates predefined Clearbase and Bluebase presets for enlarging medical images with amazing clarity. Whether it be X-Ray, MRI and CT-scan images, the MH2850U can assist training by providing a larger image for doctors to highlight any abnormalities.

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